County Connections

What is County Connections

In November 2008 the Macon and Monroe County Senate Bill 40 Boards entered into a partnership with the Department of Mental Health - Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide Targeted Case Management through County Connections Service Coordination Program.

What is Service Coordination

Service Coordination assists individuals who are eligible for services from the Division of Developmental Disabilities in accessing comprehensive medical, social, educational, and other specialized services. Service Coordinators employed by County Connections are professionals who are trained in the field of Mental Health and other closely related fields. Service Coordinators provide "case management" and are sometimes also referred to as "Case Managers". Each individual who is found eligible for services from the Regional Office is assigned a specific Service Coordinator who will work with that individual to identify, locate, coordinate, and monitor the services that meet the individual's particular needs.

Areas County Connections Covers

County Connections currently serves 7 Missouri counties. These counties include Clark, Knox, Lewis, Macon, Monroe, Ralls, and Shelby.